What NFL owner Dan Snyder’s Washington commanders are worth

The Washington Commanders National Football League (NFL) team could be put up for sale, in whole or in part.

It was revealed Nov. 2 in a statement from owners Dan and Tanya Snyder that they had hired Bank of America Securities to consider potential transactions, including the potential sale of the franchise.

When calculating the market value of an NFL team, a number of factors come into play. Most important, of course, is an understanding of the current financial landscape.

First, it is important to examine the value placed on a team sold in the recent past. Simply put, one would look at the assets and value of a given team currently for sale versus the recently purchased team and adjust the value of the franchise accordingly.

The current value of NFL teams

Sportico, a website that focuses on sports business, published such an analysis on August 1, immediately after the sale of the Denver Broncos. In July, an ownership group led by Rob Walton — the son of Walmart founder Sam Walton — purchased the Broncos from the Pat Bowlen Trust for $4.65 billion.

The valuation of an NFL team is defined as “the sum of the fair market value of an NFL franchise combined with the value of team-related businesses and real estate”. Sportico says.

In his 2022 NFL Franchise Rating Rankings, Sportico ranks the Broncos tenth among the league’s 32 teams. The Broncos are valued at exactly $4.65 billion, the exact amount the team sold for. This follows the simple principle that right now the team’s market value is simply the amount it just sold for.

The number one team in Sportico’s valuation is the Dallas Cowboys, whose value is estimated at $7.64 billion. Number two and three are the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots, at $5.91 billion and $5.88 billion respectively.

The team with the lowest estimated current value, according to Sportico, is the Cincinnati Bengals at $2.84 billion.

The Washington Commanders come in at number eight with an estimated valuation of $4.78 billion. But of course, the real value of the team, should it be sold in its entirety at some point in the near future, is frankly what it ends up selling.

NFL leader

Some current thoughts on a potential sale

Dan and Tanya Snyder have made it clear that franchise stability is important to them no matter what happens from here.

“The Snyders remain committed to the team, all of its employees and its countless fans to bring the best product to the field and continue the work to set the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL,” their statement reads. communicated.

Asked by NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport if the Snyders are considering selling everyone, a Commanders spokesperson told him “we are exploring all options.” according to NFL.com.

As for the process ahead, the NFL has clarified, in part, the final step to approving any deal.

“Any potential transactions should be presented to the NFL Finance Committee for review and require an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the entire membership (24 of 32 teams),” League spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement Wednesday.