The SIOR Northeast Conference is coming to Boston

March 24-25 marks another highly anticipated conference for the Northeast Region of the Society of Industrial Office Realtors (SIOR). As a global network of 3,600 commercial and office real estate brokers, SIOR accredits brokers for their knowledge and ethical standards within the real estate industry.

With 2 pivotal years of disruption and re-engagement, this year’s conference covers 4 sectors: office space, last mile industrial properties, the growth of the Seaport District as a luxury market and the life sciences industry. ever-increasing life. This conference opens with insights into office solutions, rental speed and rental rates in NY, NJ and MA. The second session examines developer strategies, costs, and the pressures faced by the velocity of demand for large-scale industrial spaces in the MA, CT, and NJ markets. With over 5 million square feet of space, the Seaport District has metamorphosed from a WWII munitions manufacturing area to a luxury residential, retail and laboratory complex. Session 3 explores the dynamics of this transformation and the relevant issues for the next 10 years of development. The conference concludes with the booming life sciences market, with a comprehensive overview of laboratory facility criteria, pharmaceutical product marketing and laboratory consolidation.

The conference is being held at the Boston Properties Building on the Atlantic Warf. Subject to availability, tickets can be purchased by non-SIOR members after March 1.

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