The Portuguese luxury group for real estate, design and lifestyle management

Splendor Luxury Group is a well-established company based in Lisbon, providing a full service relocation, property investment, lifestyle management as well as a design studio, covering the whole of Portugal.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO of Splendor Luxury Group, Nelleke Bos, whose company, thanks to its rebranding, now offers its specialist services in one place.

Their services revolve around moving, investing and living in Portugal, where they provide a high-end comprehensive service in which they greatly value the long-term relationship with their clients. They offer a distinctive combination of four major services: relocation, real estate, lifestyle management and a design studio where clients have a single point of contact.

One of their services is relocation in which they take care of everything while collaborating with a team of professionals who help with tax and financial matters. They also offer relocation assistance which is a service designed to overcome all the practicalities that are crucial for a successful relocation. Nelleke Bos claimed that “We help you settle into your new home and country, overcoming the obstacles you will face, to ensure a smooth transition to a new chapter in your life”.

Their wide range of services make your move to Portugal a breeze, with unparalleled support in organizing and overcoming potential hurdles to establishing a routine in a new home and country.

Splendor Luxury Group also offers the full package when it comes to educational support, where they help in the evaluation of school and university choices, help with registration procedures and conversion of study points. Nelleke Bos added that “With our experienced English-speaking team, we help families and students make the right choice with an unparalleled set of services.”

The Splendor Real Estate offers both high-end purchase and high-end rental offering many exclusive opportunities, as well as a variety of real estate investments for professional purposes: high-end villa development projects, hotels , golf courses, etc.

Many luxury private ads “that will never enter the market and only go direct to the customer”. Nelleke Bos explained: “We search according to the needs of our clients and thanks to our extensive network, we are often able to present unique properties that are off the market or directly from the developer of the project. Along with this, there are investment opportunities such as project development and rehabilitation through which we can connect our client with project developers and architects.

The lifestyle management service provides you with travel assistance such as luxury hotels, planning, private trips by car, plane and even yacht. Splendor Luxury Group offers bespoke experiences that make events even more special, as well as collaborating with Portuguese artists in bespoke artistic events.

Finally, the design studio offers interior design, restyling as well as restoration – with a new German solution to moisture problems.

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