The leader Solana DEX announces a partnership with a financial protocol based on the metaverse

The Metaverse is more than a concept for a movie. It combines all the digital experiences a user may encounter, replicating many of the actions they would take in the real world, including purchasing goods, homes and clothing, and personalizing their own space and location. its avatars.

However, unlike a virtual ecosystem in a game, the metaverse takes into account the management of financial data and other transactions that can run an entire economy and simulate what a user would encounter in the real world. Without it, users risk missing out on the completely immersive experience that the Metaverse can offer.

Recognition of this fact has sparked a spark among financial innovators to find out what this means for fintech services in the new world. With cryptocurrencies at the forefront of the alternative monetary system and other teams defining trading, lending, and other financial tools, the question then becomes, “How will these ecosystems intersect in creating the metaverse?” “

While some still consider the need to conduct all engagements online to be in the far distant future, consider the progress the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in accelerating the rate consumers have become accustomed to in the digital world., a platform leading the next generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) evolution through emotionless trading, turned to a new partnership to reach new audiences amidst the rise of the metaverse. As an ecosystem for new investors to trade digital assets, a partnership with Project Larix will only accelerate the creation of a larger ecosystem, already anchored in the metaverse.

Project Larix, a leading Solana blockchain-based lending and borrowing protocol (SOL), created a series of risk management pools with NFTs, crypto tokens, or other synthetic assets used as collateral. The platform itself is audited and reviewed by SlowMist, a popular and reputable smart contract reviewer.

By partnering with Larix, both protocols will be allowed to expand their offerings, reaching a wider audience and demonstrating a wider range of DeFi benefits. For Soldex, this agreement represents just one of the strategic partnerships the team has in store with the best Solana protocols, and more will be released in the coming months.

A DeFi evolution

The next generation of DeFi evolution is emotionless trading, comparing hiring an expert while users sit and watch. Soldex brings this to life on the Solana blockchain, with what is known to be the fastest, easiest, and arguably user-friendly Decentralized Exchange (DEX). As a third-generation solution, the order matching issues that occur on centralized exchanges and untrustworthy custody are resolved, and users have access to the help of AI-powered robots to eliminate the risks traditionally common in buying and selling cryptocurrency assets.

More information from Soldex here

One of the significant advantages of Soldex over today’s DEXs is its base on Solana. Currently, most DeFi transactions are done over the Ethereum (ETH) network, which, while powerful, can only handle some congestion before fees get too expensive and transaction times too slow.

In contrast, Solana becomes a capable alternative, equipped to handle 65,000 suggested transactions per second (TPS), a number significantly higher than Ethereum’s 15 TPS.

The growth of a vibrant community

With the success of hitting all the milestones from the previous year, Soldex has several notable achievements to note including a total value of $ 1 million with 150% APY in a SOLX-USDC staking pool on Atrix Finance.

While staking pools already offer clear benefits to investors, the team has charted a clear path to maintain the numbers. The next 12 months should be far from calm for the Soldex team, who share details of their plans in their recently updated roadmap.

Their goals mainly focus on building the Solana DeFi community through listing SOLX on more exchanges, publishing new marketing campaigns on major DeFi channels, creating a global academy and establishing new strategic partnerships to strengthen the underlying technology.

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