Stoa Announces Additional Fundraising of $100 Million to Help Real Estate Investors Change Homes Faster

Stoa USA Inc., the Arizona-based company that launched the FlipOS by Stoa platform for professional single-family home investors, has closed another $100 million securitization. The financing is underwritten by Cantor Fitzgerald, a leading financial services company specializing in real estate investments.

This is Cantor Fitzgerald’s second time working with Stoa on this type of fundraiser. The $100 million securitization of Stoa in November 2021 was also underwritten by Cantor Fitzgerald.

“The Stoa team looks forward to what is possible for our real estate partners with this round of funding, and we are proud to have the continued support of the experienced team at Cantor Fitzgerald,” said Tom Sella, co-founder. of Stoa. “Less than a year has passed since our initial $100 million securitization, and we’ve seen exponential growth in product adoption since then.

According to, housing supply is well below demand levels due to several factors, including young first-time buyers and underconstruction after the 2007 recession. FlipOS by Stoa focuses on the fix-and-flip market, where existing properties need upgrades or repairs before becoming viable options for people looking for accommodation.

With the added security, FlipOS by Stoa will be able to work with more professional real estate investors to grow and scale their businesses, helping to close America’s housing deficit by bringing quality residential inventory to market faster. than home builders.

With the changing housing market, FlipOS by Stoa has grown in popularity because its unique model allows investors to buy, renovate, and sell single-family homes faster and with less risk than traditional models.

“It’s a big deal that we were able to close this round of funding in the midst of a fluctuating housing market,” said Stoa co-founder Or Agassi. “That speaks volumes about the underlying strength of our business model. We continue to evolve quickly but responsibly, maintaining a strong unit economy. We have created a company that people want to invest in, regardless of macroeconomic conditions.

The company has raised approximately $300 million in equity and debt.