“Steph Curry invested $51 million in a house he barely lives in!” : The Golden State Warriors Star’s real estate investment is wild business

Steph Curry has signed a $200 million deal and is going crazy with her real estate investment.

When athletes receive money from athletes, they go crazy for it. They usually end up on the verge of going broke, but Steph Curry has some money management experience. Coming from a family long associated with the NBA, he knows where to splurge and where to cut back.

One area he learned from watching others around him was that the real estate market was the best place to be. Money makes money, and when you have a famous person’s name attached to it, it increases the value exponentially. a 13,000-square-foot Malibu hilltop project house has his name written all over it.

Steph put in megabucks for her dream house project in Malibu, which cost her a year and a half’s salary. He didn’t get too crazy though, keeping it modern, but tastefully built to his family’s taste. Speaking of tastes, he made his nickname worthy of a cuisine worthy of him. Rivaling a Michelin-starred restaurant, the kitchen is equipped almost like Inspector Gadget.

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Steph Curry can struggle to sell his house if he wants to – in this overpriced market, it’s a pain to move any luxury item

Steph has a penchant for classy things – her lifestyle and her investments reflect this. But in a market where people struggle to move luxury items, his house may be on the market for a long time, if he decides to sell.

But not the way he wants, because he can certainly afford to run the house. “House”? more like a dream mansion you build on Sims or something. Only a real agent appreciates the work done to make the house a home.

Steph is so rich he’s built a house he barely lives in – he’s mostly on the road with his family. Also, if he has lived somewhere during the season, he wants to live closer to the Bay Area. Safe to say, $51 million for essentially a summer house is mental – Steph Curry or whatever.

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