Smart homes are the future – analysts

HOME and room designers should now consider technology, nature and sustainability when designing, several experts have pointed out.

During a panel discussion titled “Envisioning Homes for the Future” at the Philippine Lamudi Real Estate Conference, held on August 31, 2022, Theresa “Tek” Samaniego, editor of the real estate section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Robinsons Land Corp. Senior Director of Business Development Czarina Lugue, SJ Kang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IODHome Inc., and Joy Ablanda, Marketing Communications Consultant at Contempo Property Holdings, highlighted the importance of the three factors, as most buyers consider these options when choosing a home.

“The last two years of the pandemic have reshaped our preferences and our way of life as we adapt to the so-called new normal,” Samaniego said in his opening remarks.

She added that the Covid-19 pandemic has also underscored the importance of having a safe, profitable and dignified living environment, and buyers are valuing health and family more than ever.

Ablanda explained that the Contempo company reconfigured its offerings and designs to meet the changing needs of buyers, such as allocating a multi-purpose room in their designs that could be used for multiple purposes, such as an isolation room. , a disinfection room or even as an additional guest bedroom.

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“On top of that, we’ve also incorporated our places to have balconies so they can enjoy the outdoors a bit as well,” Ablanda said.

Kang said customers are also turning to appliances and versatile furniture as living spaces are maximized to replicate the feeling of being outdoors and new hobbies are discovered by people who are forced to stay at home.

Sustainability also comes into play, as buyers are now increasingly environmentally conscious and want to reduce excessive use as much as possible. Lague pointed out that interest in smart homes, or homes with features that can be activated remotely, based on Internet of Things technology, has also increased as people are now tech-savvy.

“Technology will play a big role for the next generation of buyers, but again sustainability has also become a factor as it has also become the norm,” Lague said.