Real estate transfers: July 4, 2022

The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 7 and June 17:

10 acres on Hunters Ridge, Eldred and George Neubauer to Hunters Ridge Estates LLC, $100,000.

1123 Scherm Road, Thomas and Carol Hulsey to Coppage Rentals LLC, $350,000.

10619 Route 764, LWL Properties LLC to Payton Wilkerson, $95,000.

7041 West 5th Street Road, Fifth Third Bank to Jim and Becky Ivy, $130,000.

4236 Scotty Lane, Nancy Martin to Coppage Rentals LLC, $425,000.

3839 Shelly Drive, MSL Investments LLC to Robert Gears, $141,000.

2720 ​​Hillbrooke Drive, Charles Kucera at 2720 Hillbrooke Parkway LLC, $250,000.

7155 Masonville Habit Road, Joshua Thrash to Brandon and Stephanie Huff, $351,500.

709 Colorado Drive, Gregory Basil to Nu Reh and Meh Moe, $144,900.

4009, alley of the Chapel, Stephen Wilson to Derrick Pate, $235,000.

4230 southeast drive, Mark and Jacqueline Scholl to Matthew and Stephanie Kolok, $850,000.

2049 Yelvington Road Knottsville, Kevin and Karron Garrett to Charles Dawson, $37,000.

3821 Vincent Station Promenade, H&I Development, Inc. to Setabacheha LLC, $457,300.

1635 Forrest Lane, Elbert and Sharon Nesmith to Jeff Daugherty and Andrew Nunez, $262,500.

300 Longfellow Drive, Ruth Payne to SSG 1998 LLC, $126,000.

2000 Lewis Lane, Derrick Pate to Greater Yelvington Investments LLC, $120,000.

2423 West 5th Street, Habitat for Humanity Owensboro to Hannah Crite, $159,500.

1115 Emerson Court, RNA Hosplex LLC to Melissa Gonzalez and Michael Galloway, $108,900.

303 East 14th Street, MSK Holdings LLC to Jasper Property Management LLC, $1,732,500.

2207 Lovell Drive, Ellen Ferguson to Blake Evans, $115,900.

6130 Scott Court, Morgan Miller to Katheryn McIntosh and Melissa DeLeon, $243,000.

316 Tamarack Road, Ruth Payne to SSG 1998 LLC, $116,000.

5122 Veach Road, Jordan Kirby and Malorie Ebelhar to Eric and Marjorie Morris, $250,000.

400 Highway 279 South, Logan and Kari Clary to Aaron and Jamie Remole, $255,000.

1900 Griffith Place West, Dane and Kelli McLaird to Gary and Lori Cecil, $350,000.

4300 Strickland Drive, Gregory Scott to Nathan and Rachel Koepp, $157,000.

2427 Thornton Avenue, Ruth Payne to SSG 1998 LLC, $126,000.

2521 Pointe Lake, Lewisport Mobile Court LLC to Brandon Wathen and Emily Brooks, $155,000.

2606 Cherokee Drive, Jana Whitehead and Cody Russelburg to Mohammed Mohammud and Hamdi Alas, $170,000.

2324 Meadowhill Lane, Miranda and Justin Embry to Zach Mattingly, $294,500.

4249 King Road, Timothy and Lena Aull to Dylan and Kaitlyn Howard, $135,815.

4771 Wayside Drive, Billy and Robin Jones to Logan and Whitney Donahue, $60,000.

2003 Viola Gardens, Lavell Septer to Vickie Askins, $179,000.

225 Covington Ridge Drive, Charles and Nancy Lanham to Aaron and Rachel Burns, $50,000.

967 West 1st Street, Key Real Estate LLC to James Hendricks, $172,000.

4502 Remington Road, Eric Reynolds and Kelsey Jarboe to Michael and Jessica Breau, $260,000.

6581 Route 231, Kimberly Cook to Sean and Mariemilia Harrell, $150,000.

1721 East 26th Street, Timothy Belcher to James Woolridge and Bailey Burden, $167,375.

3526 Spring Ridge Drive, Jonathan and Hannah Blandford to Jacob and Morgan Akers, $435,000.

6840 Summit Drive, Myrna and Roger Smith to Robert and Jeanne Reames, $349,900.

2139 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Hao and Jinxiu Jiang, $226,045.

2410 Windsor Ave, Koger Properties LLC to Clarth Properties LLC, $172,500.

1 Club Ground Drive, James and Rebecca Gordon to Jessica and David Kirk, $520,000.

4713 Loftwood Drive, Betty Yeiser to Keaton and Christina Ambs, $250,000.

3817 Cross Creek Trail, Vickie Askins to William and Shelby Martin, $255,000.

929 route 1207, Mary Horton and Bonnie McCallister to Blake Hamilton and Lacey Hamilton, $172,000.

4830 Millers Mill Road, Larry Maxwell to Joshua and Torrey Cooper, $265,000.

2412 Cherokee Drive, David Kirk and Jessica Shely to William Speer, $198,000.

2760 Claiborne Rd, Jana Murphy to Dah Davis, $282,500.

2888 Fairview Drive, Christopher Morris to RENT Investments LLC, $200,000.

2021 1st Street West, T Kelly Properties LLC to Mark Boswell, $20,000.

3808 Griffith Avenue South, Dale and Annemarie Armistead to Jon Johnson, $170,500.

4343 Scotland Drive, Daniel Roby and Tina Edge to Joseph and Christal Towery, $260,000.

816 Reid Road, Town & Country of Owensboro LLC to TMD Enterprises LLC, $450,000.

1130 East 15th Street, Maurice Drury to Bradley Hamilton, $350,000.

2808 Griffith Avenue South, Mathew and Amanda Wilson to Mark Roberts, $360,000.

3857 Hayden Road, Rebecca Johnson to Harrington Construction, $150,000.

6601 Valley Creek Trail, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Robby Dull, $238,030.

6458 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Woodland Ridge Development, Inc. to Ballards Development LLP, $48,900.

1517 Parrish Ave West, Kevin and Ziza Kirk to Jose Acosta and Gladis Diaz, $194,000.

1129 Hall Street, Joseph and Rose Towery to Kash Properties LLC, $25,000.

4821 Wembley Way, Brenda Allen to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $193,000.

1113 Hermitage Drive, J. and Joyce Leach to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $183,500.

6854 Valley Creek Trail, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Kenneth and Gina Dixon, $338,075.

1813 Standish Place, Clyde Thorpe to Carrico Congleton Property LLC, $100,000.

47 acres on Saur Lane, Charles and Mary Lamar to Charles and Jennifer Ebelhar, $300,800.

2014 Old Henderson Road, Worthington & McDaniel LLP to Shadow and Richard Bailey, $19,500.

2514 Windsor Avenue, Triple 7 LLC to William and Tiffany Bumbaugh, $184,000.

1 Quail Ridge Yard, David and Mary Lou Haycraft to Elizabeth McFarland, $115,000.

119 West 17th Street, Michael and Kimberly Bickett to Andy Kinsman, $250,040.

2219, avenue de la Citation, Henry Properties LLC to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $150,000.

4570 Poplar Log Bridge Road, Glendell and Judith Hunt to Gregory Christian, $140,000.

2444 Hunt Ave, Travis and Lauren French to Denon Fries, $183,000.

817 Wesleyan Park Drive, Raymunda Calhoun to Raymond and Mary Barrow, $216,000.

600 Leitchfield Road, Cody Adams and Ronald Dye to New Life Holdings LLC, $60,000.

1704 Mohawk Drive, Triple 7 LLC to Bobby and Donna Dooley, $150,000.

5136 West 5th Street Road, Mallory Richardson to Taylor and Steven Ewing, $220,000.

1612 Courtyard of the Manor, Christopher Lyons to Arabella Stateler, $94,000.

68 Colonial Court, Karen Merkley to Crystal Sapp, $169,900.

6809 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Travis and Hannelore Porter, $340,990.

738 Leitchfield Road, Treva Crowe to Autry Properties LLC, $30,000.

3225 Brookhill Drive, Bernard and Ramona Payne to Aaron and Ally Haycraft, $340,000.

2018 1st Street West, Contract inherited from KY LLC to Berry Williams, $100,000.

8401 Route 144, Benjamin and Janae Kittinger to Philip and Karen Jarred, $284,000.

2605 Strawbridge Place, Zachary Jenkins to David and Mary Castlen, $186,000.

1835 Gunston Place, Jacob and Jessica Edwards to Amber McGrew, $159,000.

9028 Route 231, Heather and David Vincent to James and Paula Hazel, $78,000.

2164 Ottawa Drive, Wandian and Qiuping Lin to Zili Cao and Shou Qui, $270,000.

12027 Floral Road, Tracy Wheatley to Tina Boling and Justin Brandle, $45,000.

5349 Meadow Run Drive, Corbin and Tanner Wilson to Senthia and Donandres Santana, $269,900.

6243 Old State Road, Charles and Neva Hayden to James Robertson and Chelsey Brown, $170,000.

720 Glenn Court, Robert Jarvis and Lyndsey Davidson to Conner Lyons, $210,000.

7418 Court Street, Dorothy Griffith to Alejandra Martinez, $69,999.

215 Tamarack Road, Ruth Payne to West Rental Properties LLC, $116,000.

1906 Mount Vernon Drive, Roy and Vickie Cottrell to Judy Vandiver, $159,000.

413 Hill Ave, Melinda Elliott and Lana Leibfriend to Cassandra Durbin, $148,000.

807 East 21st Street, Susan Maertz to Yoo Ki Ho, $21,000.

2427 Ford Avenue, Thoebe Buskill to Patrick and Alma Ward, $320,000.