Real estate millionaire investing in the United States and Spain

Once the health crisis is over, global real estate market resumed the path of development, and today ” top 200 players who control global real estate investment $9 trillion in two specific markets: the United States and Europe”.

that’s how he exposed it Mariano Capellino, Inmsa. CEO ofin his presentation Real Real estate: global vision and appropriate markets, And he added: We see that they are leaving all the main cities of the United States and heading towards the main capitals of Europe. Obviously, Germany and the United Kingdom, due to their size, are the recipients of the largest investments, followed by France and Spain with much larger flow injections than the other countries.

in reference to mexico status In this context, Capellino pointed out that large investors can start arriving in 2024usually, “Latin AmericaWhat has worked well for years – it will continue like this for a few more years – receives 1% of global investment.

“There was no injection of capital from developed countries. stimuli were very weak and on the other hand, political and social crisis In many countries, added to the cost of debt not raising rates, it still hurts economies. We see it will continue to suffer for at least the next two years.

The competitiveness of real estate is a fixed income that does not cover inflation. Real estate retains its value over the long term and allows real returns, that is to say that the return generated by the income from the property is real. It protects you from inflation, Capellino said.

above inflation

The expert said that historically the preference for certain markets before investing Assess a market“There is a quick recipe Compare rental income Versus Interest rate, and today, of all cases, in the United States, he tested negative. So we think that’s going to chill the market a bit. In fact, there are already indicators that show this.

And he adds: In Europe, it’s different and there we see a great opportunity. Rates are still very low and this raises the possibility of being able to very tempting return Not only on the capital invested but also on the loan contracted. For example, we saw this last year Spain 10% appreciation Despite the increase in rates, which increased slightly, but increased (about single digits) and also with the effects of the war in Europe.

The company’s vision is that low rate Some markets, mainly in Europe, will continue to strengthen immovable Since the rates are well below inflation.

In medium / long term assumes rates are going to be stable, rising upwards first semester 2023 and then, depending on the performance of the economy and the moderation of inflation; They expect growth to stabilize and possibly at the end of 2023 or 2024 budget cuts could be made to stimulate the economy and markets again.