Real estate can be a good bet for a retirement portfolio!

New Delhi: Property investment is one of the most popular options for people when it comes to investing their hard-earned money in a property with the wish to get a good return in the form of monthly rental or to earn a big profit margin by selling the property at a higher price. A general idea among people is that immovable is good for investment, but it cannot be part of his retirement income plans. With the changing times, this is no longer the case and one can be assured of getting a fixed income from real estate investment during retirement life.

Real estate investing is a good option these days for those who want to set aside funds for retirement. Those looking to diversify their savings may consider including real estate in their retirement plan. There are good and bad points that accompany real estate investments.

One can always consider options such as including physical assets such as an apartment building or parking money in a real estate investment trust or mutual fund. Experts believe that income-producing real estate is an essential part of a successful retirement portfolio.

The inclusion of real estate in the retirement plan can consist of:

• Selling your house.

• Own a rental property.

• Contribute to a real estate fund.

Sell ​​your house, if you have more than one, to finance your retirement

If you have paid off the mortgage on your second home, you could sell it in retirement to earn money and live your retirement without hassle. You can then use the proceeds from the sale to fund your expenses or invest the funds to generate future returns.

A rental property always helps during retirement life

Buying a second property can help generate income to use in retirement. If you have an apartment, you can rent it and collect monthly rent. Owning a rental property usually requires an upfront payment. One has the option of paying for the property with cash or using the savings to make a down payment and take out a mortgage.

Buy a real estate fund

Instead of buying and renting or selling the property yourself, you can consider including real estate in your retirement plan by investing in a fund. In pension plans, there are usually types of indexed real estate mutual fund available.