manufacturers and traders against the increase in penalties for abuse | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: After traders in the city, industrialists have also raised their voices against UT’s proposal to increase the hike in penalties for misuse in commercial and industrial properties. The Association of Industrialists filed its objection to the Chandigarh administration, calling the increase in the amount of the penalty groundless and beyond the jurisdiction of UT.
In a detailed objection, the Chandigarh Chamber of Industries wrote that any changes to the Punjab Capital Act 1952 must relate to prospective allotments. Prior attributions must be covered by the original law and sales agreements.
No needs-based changes have been allowed in the past 50 years, while neighboring states have also been flexible in this regard.
The administration must, first, allow changes according to needs by taking into account the stakeholders and then define the violations/abuses. The Chandigarh administration must follow our Prime Minister’s slogan, Ease of Doing Business, and not create barriers for taxpaying MSMEs, they said.
They added that the administration was “illogical” in multiplying the fines by 400. Their basis is 9% annual capitalization. In the same public notice, it is said that the annual increase will be 5% in the future.
According to them, the administration must first remove existing infringement and abuse notices; allow for changes as needed and allow sufficient time to correct violations/abuses. Only then will it have to implement the revised law. The administration has linked the maximum fine to 20% of the current value of the Collector’s tariff as if the occupier/owner were selling the property. This is absolutely not acceptable.