Launch of the DeFi lending platform Hatom

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For those looking for a reliable, convenient and secure lending protocol in the Elrond blockchain: Hatom, a reliable, convenient and secure lending protocol has been launched on the blockchain Elrond.

About Hatom

Hatom is a decentralized algorithmic protocol for asset lending and borrowing that will be the first of its kind to run on the Elrond network. On this platform, providers provide liquidity to the market and earn interest on their deposits, while borrowers can take out loans on an over-collateralized basis.

Hatom uses an on-chain governance mechanism that allows protocol users to vote for protocol changes directly on the blockchain; it was developed to provide individual users with more influence in the governance process. The protocol team continuously collects feedback and uses it to create specific polls to meet community needs and update the app based on community preferences. Developers are primarily concerned with providing users with an unparalleled experience and ensuring their safety.

The development team’s experienced consultants and auditors have devoted considerable time, effort and financial resources to developing a safe and reliable loan protocol.

In the wings

Co-CEO and COO Ahmed Serghini is rightly considered a visionary cryptopreneur with vast experience in cryptocurrency. He has been involved in blockchain technology for over a decade now and was an early and early adopter of the Elrond blockchain.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations are disrupting the way we interact with our finances. Ahmed believes in these technologies and has a proven track record of investing early in business ventures with high development potential in the cryptocurrency space.

Being a daily DeFi user and an early investor in Blockchain Elrond, he was surprised to see that he lacked a loan protocol. So he embarked on a mission to create a protocol that gives users the best experience possible, with a focus on convenience, security, and ease of use. Hatom Protocol’s mission is to overcome the challenges associated with current lending protocols and provide its users with a complete and user-friendly protocol.

Raise awareness of DeFi and lending protocols

Disruptive services like DeFi are subjects supposedly reserved for experienced professionals. But that’s far from true, and if we as a community want the general public to benefit from market advancements, we need to dispel this myth. The people behind Hatom aim to democratize and generalize these exclusive services. Their goal is to educate the general public about DeFi and lending protocols to make them available to everyday people. Certainly, the future looks bright for Hatom.