Frontier Real Estate Investment: Notice Regarding the Certification of an Asset Management Company as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization Certified 2022

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March 9, 2022

To all parties concerned

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Frontier Real Estate Investment Company

Takao Iwadou, Executive Director

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Asset management company:

Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc.

Shintarō Ono

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director


Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc.

Teruyuki Hayashi

Chief Financial Officer and Administrator

Tel: +81-3-3289-0440

Notice regarding the certification of the portfolio management company

as a Certified Outstanding Organization in Health and Productivity Management 2022

Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation (the “Investment Company”) hereby announces that Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc., the asset management company of the Investment Company (the “Asset Management Company”), was recognized as a 2022 Certified Health and Productivity Company Outstanding Organization in Management (Small and Medium Business Sector) under the Recognition Program for Outstanding Organizations in Health and Productivity Management Certified on March 9, 2022, for four consecutive years.

1. Recognition Program for Outstanding Organizations in Certified Health and Productivity Management (METI)

This recognition program rewards large companies, SMEs and other organizations committed to particularly impressive health management, based on initiatives aimed at solving health problems in communities and initiatives aimed at improving health led by the Japanese Kenko Kaigi*.

For more details, please refer to the website below. METI website (in Japanese):

* This is an organization that takes practical action at the community and workplace level, in collaboration with private organizations and with full administrative support, to extend healthy life and provide care appropriate medicine targeting individuals in Japan, a country facing a rapidly aging society with fewer children.

  1. Initiatives for employees of the management company
    The asset management company takes the health and safety of its employees into account and proactively helps its employees maintain and manage their health as part of its employee program. Concretely, the asset management company continues to have a 100% participation rate in regular medical visits and health check-ups, implements measures to prevent contagious diseases and conducts employee satisfaction surveys .
    The asset management company also obtained Silver certification as a company with a superior health program from the Association of Tokyo, National Federation of Health Insurance Companies in July 2021.
  2. Future Investment Company initiatives
    In line with the asset management company’s sustainability policy, the investment company recognizes the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations and implements initiatives to enhance sustainability.
    For details, please refer to the following website.
    The Investment Company’s website:

Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation website:


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