FLASH Announces Strategic Partnership with Brookfield to Shape Smart Cities and the Future of Global Mobility

“FLASH’s best mobility hub operating system will enable Brookfield to integrate our investments in real estate, construction, infrastructure and climate technologies that are leading the transformation towards smarter and connected cities,” said Josh Raphaelmanaging partner at Brookfield. “Consumers and tenants are looking for a seamless and personalized experience. Our partnership will drive the transformation of urban mobility and the real estate landscape – setting the new standard for a more efficient, cleaner and more profitable ecosystem.”

Today, FLASH solutions are used at more than 15,000 customer sites in every major US city and Canada. This strategic partnership will strengthen Brookfield’s portfolio of office, residential, retail and hospitality assets with integrated digital solutions for seamless access through computer vision, real-time parking reservations and electric vehicle charging, convenient mobile payments and a suite of digital management and intelligence tools. FLASH’s integrations with major automakers, entertainment and hospitality leaders, and global mapping, navigation, and payment platforms to seamlessly connect urban real estate to hundreds of millions of customers potentials.

“The impact of this expanded partnership goes far beyond FLASH and Brookfield. This is a major industry step towards transforming global real estate assets into a vibrant network of connected mobility hubs, bringing us all closer to realizing our goals of an integrated smart city ecosystem,” said declared Dan Sharplin, Executive Chairman and CEO of FLASH. “FLASH and Brookfield are 100% aligned with this transformative vision and committed to working together to fully connect the driver experience and modernize our cities.”

“The dynamic nature of the communities we build, own and invest in, such as downtown Nashville or DC, require a flexible technology platform to maximize the value of multipurpose real estate,” continued Raffaelli. “It must seamlessly offer and integrate a variety of routes, and provide the support for tenants and customers who drive the use of these all the time. evolutionary poles. Investing today in FLASH’s future-ready technology will allow us to deliver an electrified and autonomous future.”

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