Ex-Hog, Investing Developer Team

Tyler Wilson, the former University of Arkansas Greenwood quarterback turned Little Rock businessman, has teamed up with longtime real estate developer John Flake to form an investment company.

Wilson will serve as chairman of Cirrus Investments while Flake will serve as partner and advisor. Wilson will also join Flake & Company as a licensed broker.

Flake & Co. is a commercial real estate company founded by Jessica Flake Dearnley, Flake’s daughter. Flake was previously founder and chairman of Flake & Kelley.

At first glance, the couple is unusual: little Flake and Wilson, who set 29 records as a quarterback at the University of Arkansas and spent time with three National Football League teams before turn to a career in business.

Flake’s good faith is unquestionable in real estate, where he worked for 50 years on a wide range of commercial real estate projects, including the 40-story Simmons Bank building in downtown Little Rock.

“He shaped the downtown skyline,” Wilson said.

Flake said he also has stakes in an array of companies, including Southwest Media, which formerly owned Little Rock television station KARK-TV, Channel 4 and two other television stations, and AGL, a Jacksonville company that manufactured laser systems for the construction industry.

Wilson, meanwhile, has been quietly building his own post-football resume.

“I’ve been under the radar,” he said.

He worked for several years under commercial real estate broker Leonard Boen at Commercial Realty, where he was involved in the development of Dollar General Store in Tennessee and Arkansas.

“We did all of the triple net leases and they were triple net leases built to be leased…negotiating them and putting them together,” Wilson said. A triple net lease, according to Investopedia, is a rental agreement for a property where the tenant agrees to pay all real estate expenses, including property taxes, insurance, and building maintenance, in addition rent and charges.

Wilson is also an executive at Delta Solar, which manages all aspects of commercial and agricultural solar installation.

His experience with the Razorback brand also comes in handy.

“On the hill, there were good times, fun times but also difficult times,” Wilson said.

Cirrus is a 50-50 partnership between Flake and Wilson. They already have their eye on certain investments.

It won’t just be real estate.

“Most of my career has been in real estate, but we intend to invest in other financial assets in addition to real estate, which could include operating companies or whatever we see. “, said Flake.

Wilson sees a favorable environment for investing in assets affected by the covid pandemic as interest rates remain low.

“We’re really excited about what we bring to the table,” he said, “with John’s experience and my knowledge of triple net leases.

“We intend to do great things, to reach for the stars and grab them.”