How to optimize my loan renegotiation?


Has your bank accepted your real estate renegotiation request, and have you checked the profitability of this transaction? All you have to do is embark on your new adventure. But before, here are some good tips to maximize the savings you could achieve through renegotiation.

Convince the bank to agree to buy back your mortgage

There is no right to renegotiation. The acceptance of your request depends on the goodwill of your bank to grant you financing on better terms. You must therefore try to work your argument so that your institution accepts your request. To do this, you will have to highlight your strengths:

  • Show that you are a good payer (repayment of your credit must be respected, regular and without delay…);
  • Focus on what you report to the establishment through the subscription to its banking services (Livret A, auto insurance,…);
  • Banking on the future by reminding the bank that one day, your children may also be customers of the establishment.

Negotiate the fees

When you request the renegotiation of your home loan, the bank reopens your file to examine the feasibility of such an operation. In return for this work, you are asked to pay a handling fee. In some cases, you can request their removal. The acceptance of such a request depends on the will of the bank.

Negotiate loan modularity

When your renegotiation leads to the issuance of a new loan offer, the credit terms can be reworked. Take advantage then to negotiate the loan modularity.

Frequency, duration, fees and modulation date, all these elements can be discussed again with your banker so that this option adapts best to your situation.

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Negotiate loan transferability

It may happen that you want, during the repayment of your mortgage, to change property while keeping the same credit and staying at the same bank. The solution to this case is to resort to loan transfer. Do not forget to negotiate this option if your institution offers you a new loan offer so that you can benefit from it if needed.

Review the terms of your loan

You have renegotiated your mortgage and the bank offers you a new loan offer? Remember to check if you can not change your loan term or the amount of your monthly payments to lower the cost of your credit. On the contrary, if your situation no longer allows you to pay your old installments, extend your borrowing period to lower your monthly payments.

Play the competition

Play the competition

In order to be sure of being financed on the best terms, do not limit yourself to the offer offered by your bank. Expand your search field and play the competition. Institutions often offer advantageous terms to their new clients. You can solicit banks one by one or seek the help of a credit broker.

Review borrower insurance

Review borrower insurance

Take advantage of renegotiating your credit to see if you have better mortgage insurance conditions.

To do this, compare the guarantees of group insurance (offered by your bank) with those offered by insurance delegations (other institutions).

The paramount condition is the equivalence of guarantees. Your objective, by comparing the insurance contracts, will be:

  • Either benefit from more guarantees for the same price as proposed by your bank;
  • Or to benefit from the same guarantees but at a lower price.
  • You fill your file,
  • We compare the offers of the banks free of charge,
  • You get the funding answers to your request!

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Comparison of Real Estate Loan Renegotiation Offers

  • You fill your file,
  • We compare the offers of the banks free of charge,
  • You get the funding answers to your request!

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